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Default Re: mass transit renderings

Seing the flyover and the huge supports can be jarring... but that's what an elevated rail system looks like. I think they're honest and realistic, but to be sure they'll stop a few folks dead in their tracks (no pun intended... at least not initially). Various tricks could be used to make them look more pretty, but I'm glad the renderings were mostly straightforward.

Originally Posted by craigwatanabe
But the second set of pictures showing the Aloha Tower marketplace shows the same before and after shots as the "before" by their description you can't tell the difference
Well, that's the one sneaky one. If you look closely, the elevated rail is visible through the trees. Why they'd pick that angle for a rendering makes no sense... except that it was probably easy to create and proves that you might not see too much concrete from Chai's!

Will the intersection of University and Beretania be significantly transformed by the rail line? Yes, but in many, many ways beyond the view -- for both better and worse.

An elevated rail along Kamehameha Highway in Aiea or over Nimitz near downtown won't be pretty... but the H-1 airport viaduct and Moanalua Freeway through Makiki ain't pretty either. I'd take an elevated rail over a six-lane interstate, that's for darn sure.

And as some have noted, several of the areas through which the line is proposed to run aren't exactly urban design showcases, anyway. A rail line and rail stations, well planned, can actually be part of the impetus to improve and develop districts (primarily industrial and commercial) that have, until now, basically been left to decay.
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