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Default Re: Night Clubs from the Past

Originally Posted by 1stwahine View Post
Nah..nah. It was No Hole in Da Wall. Maybe you talking bout KeyHole?j/k Cause Jubilee was Da Place to be in Kalihi! Disco Dancing, Hawaiian Music, Karaoke, Fights in and outside. Bouncers were bruddahs who handled the crowd with class or with a whack whack. Sometimes with a thrust to da odda side of the street.

There will be no other like her.

Mama served the bess Pupus and yes, it was FREE!

Auntie Lynn
Ahhhhhh, Jubilee. Who can forget Auntie Liza and her faithful pilgrimage
when the group would play "Hihiwae". I just loved her!

It was great to always get my seat every week with the little index card
that said "MEW" on it and reserved. Those were the days.
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