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Hi Ron,

As a poser, a wannabe educator, I hold that it's never ever the student's fault, that as teachers it's our responsibility to communicate.

It sounds as though we both were/are missing the experiences of having been in-communication with our "teachers."* It's important to point out that it's not a teacher's fault, they are only introduced to the fundamentals and principles of communication, all must then practice on students. Because education majors aren't required to study the correlation between personal integrity and outcomes (one of six communication variables not taught in schools) they cannot teach the subject of integrity, other than from their good ideas, not from direct personal experience.

I admire your willingness to tell the truth, to humble and expose yourself.

With aloha, Kerry

* Most of us can only recall one or two truly impactful teachers K-12. I believe what's needed are Weekly Teacher Rating Forms. "On a scale of 1- 10 rate all these teachers. Principals would know that teachers who consistently received lots of 1's, & 2's would be unconsciously asking to be coached.
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