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Default Re: Waianae school absenteeism

Agree on the reply on parent's involvement. I'm old, back in my days, I recall one boy got into a fight. He was a bigger guy. Tough guy.
Football player. So he was in the Principle's Office. His Father was called and on his way. The Father was a short Japanese man (not that make a difference). The boy ran, and was MIA for a while. He was scared of his Father. The presence of his Father scared the $hit out of him. And he stood about a foot taller.

The point of the story is, there was that respect. That fear. That fear of a parent, and more specific the Father.

Kids today don't have that fear. Most don't have Fathers (not saying Fathers are the only one who discipline). I've seen too many kids today "pushing" around their only parent (Mother). Or now (sad to say) Grandmother, who has to take care of them.

Many kids today do what they want. And think how they want, even if it's wrong. Back then, I think kids may do wrong, but they sort of know what's right.

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