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Getting back to the camera features of the iPod Touch. As stated, the still camera is mediocre. Still it takes pictures and you can use many of the apps built for the iPhone on the iPod Touch... Instagram is one of the most popular... there are many others that "enhance" the camera function.

The main component of the iPod is a good wifi connection. Most of the apps available for the iPod Touch rely on a wifi connection. Best if you have a home network and know where the free wifi hotspots are around your town.

I like my iPod Touch for what I can do with it... internet, photography, video, music listening, radio streams, more... just look for an app at the iTunes App store. Many are free. Some of the paid ones are reasonably priced if you need something beyond free.

The iPod Touch is not a phone. However people buy it because they don't want a phone... or they may already have another phone and don't need another one. Yet they may want the functionality that the iPod Touch brings to the table without the extra cost burden of a cell phone bill. The iPod Touch fits the bill for this.

I am a proud owner of a 64GB 4th Generation (current) iPod Touch.
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