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Originally Posted by helen View Post
I am kind of interested in the built in camera features of the product.

The specifications make no mention of flash, zoom, or burst mode (able to take 2 to 3 shots at a time) capability.
I have this iPod and am underwhelmed by the camera as it doesn't have a flash and is pretty low res. Once in camera mode, drag 2 fingers on the screen to get the zoom control. Tap on the screen with one finger for exposure.

The other thing I don't like about it...which won't affect you,, when using iCal, the To Do list is excluded. The Apple Store staff was kind of confused by this...some saying it should be included, others saying it wouldn't. Well, it wasn't! I eventually found an app that allowed me to download that feature to my iPod. The To Do list is a necessity for favorite feature in iCal!
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