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Default Re: Hawaii's Best Hot Dog

ok this I no get.... how come things stay being like this....
did nobody think to ask susie if she needed the translation of what a "crunchy" hotdog is?
did anyone stop to think "hey she stay in france maybe its different there" ...did any of you?
no This is what she got:

Originally Posted by SusieMisajon
What's a 'crunchy' hotdog?
hmmmm sounds like she wants to know what crunchy means when termed with hotdog

Originally Posted by 1stwahine
I have no idea wat you talking about!
Wat you reading? French?

It's "crunchy" Hot Dogs!

If you dunno wat is crunchy den you punchy!


Auntie Lynn
while you came back with its thats a discriptive term that we living in america can understand but mayyybe not someone who hasnt lived in the states for years

Originally Posted by SusieMisajon
Oh....lemme see if I get was da name of da place, like Mr. Crunchy had a hotdog stand....NOT dat da hotdogs was crunchy.

I thought dat maybe dey was rolled in cornflakes and deep-fried, or sumthing.
she still doesnt understand....
Originally Posted by SusieMisajon
I mean...hotdogs not supposed to be crunchy.
sooo she is still trying to wrap her head around the crunch part she thinks it means there is somethingaround the hotdog like a cracker/waffle wrapping or something...

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