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Default Re: Hawaii's Best Hot Dog

So far this thread has some great suggestions!

Panya, Ala Moana
Food Pantry deli, Waikiki
Movie Theaters such as Kukui Grove Cinema on Kauai (eating it in the dark justifies the cost!)
Woody's (an obvious sexually suggestive name, similar to "Hooters") - I'm determined to try it with that garlic sauce because it sounds so unconventional
Eastside Grill, University Ave.
The Shack (eat it in the dark while watching a ball game and it'll taste better)

Pua'i, none of the gas stations I frequent offer that Portuguese Sausage and Sweetbread version you mentioned, but it sounds ono!

Speaking of frequent, just like any other guilty pleasure, I have to be "in the mood" to eat a hot dog.

B-T-W, variations of the classic are certainly worth mentioning! Such as the Fish Cake Hot Dog from Nuuanu Okazuya. Love that!
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