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Default Re: Raising chickens

I had two (now one) Arakana chickens. They lay those coveted blue eggs (once a day).

If you don't like chicken poop all over your driveway/walkways/patio/patio furniture or any high roosting perch on your property, keep them cooped up.

Free ranging chickens will take care of themselves foodwise foraging for centipedes, geckos and other crawlers. They will scratch up your lawn searching for bugs, they will eat your cat/dog food and they do squawk when laying eggs.

For the most part they cluck cluck cluck most of the day and if trained early (yes they can) they will stay in your property. Mine do.

If cared for by hand from the moment you get them as weeks-old chicks, they will take to you like a mother hen. Mine seem to mimick the family dog, getting excited when the family van comes home, chasing it until we park it. We can pick it up and cradle "Fudge" on her back and rub her belly. She teases the dog and cat. She tries to come into our home like the dog and cat but get's chased out like the cat.

Can you domesticate a chicken? Sure, mine thinks it's a dog.
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