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Smile Raising chickens

After getting into aquaponics a friend of mines suggested I get a pair of hens. I asked her about laws and she told me that by law you can have 2 chickens.
I asked her about noise and she said roosters make the cockle doodle do crowing, hens are very quiet. I had mines for a few months and only when I gave my neighbors some eggs they told me they didnt know I had chickens.

I was surprised when I called the hatchery to order my chicks that they had a wait list and that egg laying chicks are only $5 each.

Now its been 2 years and I get an egg a day from each hen, for 6 days out of the week. Feed is about $1/week, so I get a dozen eggs for about $2.

Does anyone else here raise chickens?
Aquaponics in Paradise !
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