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Wink Green Amazon Parrots

Originally Posted by Frankie's Market View Post
Animal sterilization = animal cruelty?

To some folks, maybe. But it's not a view shared by the Humane Society. They view spaying/neutering to be highly preferable to euthanizing or indefinitely caging unwanted animals who cannot find a suitable home.

Forced sterilization on a human could be considered cruel, since there are other options that can achieve birth control. Animals are different.... unless Dr. Doolittle can find a way to teach them how to practice "safe sex."
Sorry, off topic, but related.

If you go up to the park/heiau before the Aiea loop trail,at the right time, you will confront the screeching of hundreds of feral Amazon Green Parrots.

They are breeding and spreading.... Had a few fly over to Kahalu`u a couple months ago! (Aiea is right over the Ko`olaus)

They were delicious!

Then I discovered they go for up to $400 each! Auwe!

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