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Default Re: TV Series that haven't been released to DVD but should be?

Originally Posted by Walkoff Balk View Post
Is it like watching Hawaii Five-O when you look for how much the city's backdrop has changed since the series was filmed? 99% of people in Hawaii know Vegas like the back of their hand.
I don't know the Vegas of the 50s-60s-70s-80s like I know the Vegas of the 90s and today, partly do to my age. I do remember when you could drive down Fremont Street which Urich did during the opning credits and how the strip seemed to be more spread out and the airport seemed further away from the casinos then.

I was a big fan of Urich, I also liked him in SWAT and SPENSER FOR HIRE. After he died I even wrote his widow to tell her how big a fan I was of him and how many of us will miss him and his work. Reviving his series on DVD, his work lives on and maybe new fans will see the series for the first time.

I remember meeting Bart Braverman when I was kid, got his autograph and having a huge crush on Phyllis Davis, you had Tony Curtis and Greg Morris from MISSION IMPOSSIBLE, great cast!!

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