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NO to the rail! I am not going to use it and don't want to pay for it. Everytime they tell us what something on this island will cost, it costs way more, probably cuz of the sometimes absurd union wages.

Building highways above all already existing highways is the way to go, it clutters less of the island and we all get to still use our cars.

No one but one bus rider that I know has said that they are going to use the rail. Where to park to meet the rail, then get back to their car, then stop at the store, and do errands on the way home, nope.....what is going to happen years from now is we may have a very expensive rail system and they'll be begging us to use it.

Most of us like our cars, the privacy and freedom they afford us to do things on our schedules, not the system's, and we are not going to park our cars and stop using them.

To hell with rail....
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