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I am opposed to rail in Honolulu. I think the money could be better spent fixing the current bottlenecks, which are H-1 at Middle St. and H-1/Moanalua Frwy at Aloha stadium.

To address the Middle St. bottleneck, we can convert Dillingham Blvd and part of Vineyard Blvd into an expressway. That would create an entirely new expressway from the H-1 Vineyard off-ramp to the H-1 airport viaduct.

Second, to address the Aloha stadium bottleneck, we need a new expressway running from the Ewa end of the H-1 viaduct that would go under or over Pearl Harbor to Ewa Beach and then on to Kapolei.

These projects are doable for 4 billion dollars, and will serve alot more people than a rail system that will serve only a minority population of Oahu.

New expressways will benefit the extreme majority of citizens who choose to own a car and prefer to own a car. Not to mention our tourists who rent a car to see the sites and go to the beach. It will also benefit mass transit riders since TheBus can use the new less congestred roads. Also, new highways will benfit commerce and industry where rail will do nothing for them.

I think Mufi is blinded by the "roads and cars are evil" mindset.

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