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Default Re: Hawaii's Best Hot Dog

I think that crunchy hotdog is the one advertised on TV? I can't remember the name but when you bend one it snaps.

I think I like the simple ones the best. Here on the Big Island in Papaiko there is a place called Pinkies where they serve up some really tasty hotdogs which is basically a Redondo's Red wrapped in a Loves Sweetbread bun. That's it but boy it is one tasty dog without any condiments!

But when I make hotdogs for the kids, this is my method of preparing them:

1) Cut diagonal slits in them to cook evenly thru
2) Fry them up in the skillet with Yoshida's Gourmet sauce, some shoyu and garlic
3) Add enough water to halfway submerge the dogs and boil to plump

This way the dogs don't come out oily. The boiling takes out some of the cooking oil and sausage fat, but helps cook some of the drizzle back into the dog for added flavor. Pop them into lightly toasted sweetbread rolls, wrap them up in paper towels and put em in a container.

Then you go to the beach and when you come out the hot dogs taste like heaven
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