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Default Re: The Departed

I saw the movie couple weeks ago.. and heres my take on it..

First It didnt look so good.. I was actually bored.. hoping it would pick up soon.. and it did like after 30 minutes or an hour or so. And Ive never been a big Leo fan.. hated him but after Gangs of New York, I started to be able to watch his movies lol.. and well in The Departed.. i think he was awesome in it. Totally loved him and his character. And the movie was so full of twists that you had to pay attention to it all the time so you wouldnt get lost in the plot.
And I was shocked at the end.. I was like, THAT WASNT SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN!
but yeah after gettin out of the theater, the movie started to sink in and I liked it more and more every hour.. plus we had couple interesting convos about the movie..
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