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Question Bureau of Justice Statistics

Originally Posted by matapule View Post
Violent crime rates have been falling in recent years, but the number of people killed by firearms in the United States remains high. According to the FBI Uniform Crime Report, between 2006 and 2010 47,856 people were murdered in the U.S. by firearms, more than twice as many as were killed by all other means combined.
4 or 5 years, 48,000 rounded 10 - 12K per year.

Bureau of Justice Statistics:
In 2009
  • An offender was armed with a gun, knife, or other object used as a weapon in an estimated 22% of all incidents of violent crime.
  • .Offenders used firearms to commit 8% of violent crime incidents in 2009.
  • Robberies (47%) were the most likely crime to involve an armed offender.
  • Firearms (28%) were the most common weapons used in robberies.
  • Most rapes and assaults did not involve the use of a weapon.
  • From 1993-1997, of serious nonfatal violent victimizations, 28% were committed with a firearm, 4% were committed with a firearm and resulted in injury, and less than 1% resulted in gunshot wounds.
Presence of weapons in violent incidents, by type, 2009
Presence of
offender's weaponViolent crimeSexual AssaultRobberySimple/
aggravated assault Total100%100%100%100%No weapon73%85%48%76% Weapon22%10%*47%19% Firearm8 -- *28 5 Knife6 8 *9 5 Other7 2 *8 7 Type not ascertained2 -- *2 *1 Don't know6%5%*6%*6%

It's a good idea to reduce violent crimes, but I have not seen how "STRICT GUN CONTROL" will do this. Criminals aren't going to obey any new laws.
In spite of me asking you several times to define "STRICT GUN CONTROL NOW," you have failed to respond; sounds a bit like chicken little to me. Not only don't you know what's happening all you have to do something about it is to spout buzz words.

How do you propose to reduce firearm violence?
A house-to-house, vehicle and personal no-warrant search?
Banning the sale of new guns to honest citizens?
Turn over our rights to the UN?
Mandatory firearm safety classes?
Prefrontal lobotomy?
Some 'restriction' scheme?
Asking criminals to please turn in their guns?
Supporting and electing the rich gun grabbers?
Having the CIA send our weapons to Mexico drug dealers?

Please - before we support you we MUST know what you intend?
Are you looking for suggestions?

Obviously you either have me on ignore or are ignoring my messages, for you never respond. That is your right. You are not on trial.

I admire your intention (to stop or reduce unnecessary killing), but I question your methods. You seem to be in reaction, almost as if you were in the grip of a cult - saying what they tell you to say, and THAT is more scary than about 10,000 people a year (often mostly other criminals) out of a population of 312,000,000 +/-.

This is compared to 30,000 - 40,000 motor vehicle deaths per year.

It's GOOD to have all your statistics before running off half-cocked.

(Am I starting to sound like another fanatic?)
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