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Excerpted from an L.A. Times FAQ:

Can't I just cook the eggs to kill the bacteria?

Yes. "Eggs if fully cooked don't pose a threat. But the problem is a lot of people like to eat their eggs sunny side up or make hollandaise sauce," Jeff LeJeune, an associate professor at the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center at Ohio State University and an expert in salmonella contamination, said. "We want to reduce the threat as much as possible."

How can I be sure that cooked eggs are free of salmonella?

Both the egg white and egg yolk should be firm throughout and have no visible liquid remaining.

Are pasteurized eggs free from salmonella?

Pasteurized eggs are safe, LeJeune said. "I highly recommend pasteurized eggs for people at risk for severe illness from salmonella or for people who are healthy and choose to use raw eggs in ice cream or hollandaise sauce," he said. Liquid egg products sold in cartons are also pasteurized and free from salmonella.

Are other eggs safe?

There's always some threat of salmonella poisoning from raw eggs.

Can I get sick from handling raw eggs contaminated with salmonella?

Yes, so wash your hands with soap and water after handling raw eggs. It's rare to develop salmonella poisoning from handling eggshells alone.
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