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Default Re: Hurricane Felicia

Originally Posted by LikaNui View Post
Interesting that it not only strengthened but also picked up speed. It's forward motion was 10mph yesterday and up to 14mph today. The eye had started to break up yesterday but re-formed today. Not good. Nor is the current track, which has it pointed directly at Hilo.
A lot is going to depend on the luck of upper-level wind shear.
My spouse the meteorologist says "diurnal heating".

Apparently the storm spins down overnight because of colder water and wind shear, but heats up during the day's sunshine despite the water's cooling effect. Then it spins down again at night. So instead of a steady glide slope down it's more of a roller-coaster oscillation along the dropping glide slope.

This morning there's no eye:

At "only" 90 MPH winds and a 15 MPH SOA it's moving a little faster, but I've read that picking the center of a storm without an eye is fairly difficult and controversial.

The Hurricane Hunters are flying:
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