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Default Re: So...I hear you guys get no power?

Power was restored to the Salt Lake area around 3 this morning. It was a pleasant sight to see our hallway light on and alarm clock blinking when we woke up 4 hours later!

Thanks to pzarquon and the rest of the Twitter faithful for keeping those without KSSK informed last night. I was one of the idiots who tried to go toward the light last night (Kapolei) only to see the lights go off as we were already on Makakilo Dr. Since we were desperate for food, we braved the roads to Bob's BBQ on Dillingham, but the lines went to the crosswalk! Finally made it back home around 9:30, but not after we were allowed into Safeway to buy the essentials. Mahalo to the awesome employees of Salt Lake Safeway for keeping things quick and organized. They were running on 45 percent last night, and even took all forms of payment.

Went to bed early, but not until after the BF decided to make shadow puppets on the high rise condo next to us, setting off howling dogs everywhere!

Cable and internet is still out. Per pzarquon's twitter updates, Mililani, Nuuanu, East Oahu, and I think the Windward Side are still out.

Hope all the HTers are okay!
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