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Default Re: So...I hear you guys get no power?

It would have been embarrassing if the power was out for a few days, with Obama here and everything. Must not be fun, being his security detail, when the power is out.

Star gazing was a little fun, without all the light pollution. I tried taking a few long exposures of the stars, but it was cloudy in our area

Of course, people were bored and started popping fireworks. Poor firefighters were rushing all over the place. Maybe it wasn't so much fires but people stuck in elevators?

The cool thing about the power outage was to see how far my flashlight could throw It lit the side of a building about a 100 yards away. Once I did that, I saw other flashlights beaming around

The funny thing is how even the crazy people were quiet when the power was out. Perhaps they realized how dependent we are on electricity, and when it goes out for long periods of time, it's a Bad Thing.
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