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Default Re: New Music 2008: Whadja Get?

I'm quite sure I'll still be purchasing music from 2008 for the next few years, but I think I pretty much have everything I need to make my top twenty for the year, which I hope to work on this week.

Here are the last few acquisitions (probably).

Caitlin Burgess, I Know It's You (released June 10, independent).
Burgess is a guitar-strumming singer-songwriter from Canada who sounds a lot like Jill Sobule but with better vocals and maybe not quite as clever lyrics. It's nice, pretty, smart music, 'though I have found that the songs are best not when played along with their siblings on the album, but when they pop up unexpectedly during an iTunes song-shuffle. I have a feeling this album's going to grow on me in 2009.

Elvis Costello and the Imposters, Momofuku (released May 6, Lost Highway Records).
Just got this today and have given it four listens. It's good, but I don't think there's anything here that's outstanding. Gotta give it a few more spins. When Elvis isn't pissed off, he's just not as good. So far, I like "Turpentine," "Flutter and Wow," and "Pardon Me, My Name is Eve."

The Gaslight Anthem, The '59 Sound (released August 25, Side One Dummy records)
I only downloaded this because proclaimed it the best album of the year. It's punky, melodic, longing music by some boys from New Jersey with an obvious love for Bruce Springsteen. The Gaslight Anthem's songs sound nothing like the Boss, but every song seems to be infused by the same spirit. You know how it seems from Bruce's earlier albums that whenever he got into a car, something life-changing and urgent happened? How every song seemed to be begging someone else to realize that THIS was the most important night of everyone's life, at least until next Saturday? The Gaslight Anthem's songs have that same feeling. It's really, really good. Highly recommended. Check out the title track, "High Lonesome," and "Meet Me by the River's Edge," which actually contains the lyrics, "No surrender, my Bobbie Jean."

She & Him, Volume One (released March 18, Merge Records)
It's Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward doing pretty, dreamy, gentle, croony vocal pop. Still growing on me. Paste magazine named it album of the year, and it has popped up on other year-end best-of lists.
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