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Default Re: President Barack Obama!

There's now talk about Obama being staunchly anti-gun.

A lot of gun enthusiasts are in a panic-buy mode, fearing that Obama will take their guns away. So they're buying all the guns they can get.

Some friends who own guns and are members of the NRA believe that Obama is going to reverse the Supreme Court decision regarding the Second Amendment. And they're looking at getting their guns right away.

I'm a gun owner and figure it this way: If the Federal Government decides to take away everyone's guns, then buying them now makes no sense. They'll know who bought guns and make them give them up. At the end you'll be out a bunch of money and lose your guns.

And if the Federal Government doesn't take away all the guns, and you're truly concerned about home defense, wouldn't it make more sense to buy one or two guns and LOTS of ammunition?

What these people forget is that the president can't just declare an edict and make something like that happen. It has to go through Congress and the Senate. And even then it can be challenged by the Judiciary.

Besides, the president elect has a lot more on his mind than domestic gun ownership issues.
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