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Default Re: New Music 2008: Whadja Get?

  • BLEACH, Kien If you've listened to this hardcore trio from Okinawa before, you've pretty much heard this album as well.
  • Hajime Chitose, Cassini Hajime Chitose still has the voice of the millennium, but this album finds her bouncing back from the relative disappointment of her last album.
  • Joan Jeanrenaud, Strange Toys Former Kronos cellist records an album of her own works, and while haunting, the album can get conspicuous.
  • Samamidon, All Is Well Traditional music quietly performed at an introspective pace. Features orchestrations by Nico Muhly.
  • Spangle call Lilli line, ISOLATION An album featuring some gorgeous piano work.
  • Tarik O'Regan, Threshold of Night (Craig Hella Johnson, Conspirare Company of Voices) I bought this at an in-store appearance.
  • Matthew Robert Cooper (Eluvium), Miniatures Mostly piano and synthesized orchestra. Classically minded but not beholden to dogma.
  • Frederick Rzewski, The People United Will Never Be Defeated (Ralph van Raat, piano) Holy crap do you need to be virtuoso to play this piece.
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