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Default Re: Walgreens in Hawaii?

Walgreens are literally on every street corner in Arizona these days it seems, but Longs went bust in my college town of Flagstaff, Arizona during Senior Bush's recession during the early 90's. I knew of several other Longs going out of business as well. I knew its home base was in Northern California but I was astonished to see Hawaii had so many Longs and that is was a monopoly as a drug store on the islands. Remember I thought most Longs had gone out of business so it was surprising to see how well it did over here.

I agree Walgreens would do extremely well in Waikiki because of all the mainland tourists who could see a familiar drug store to shop at. I always thought it was smart business of Zippy's not to have a restaurant in Waikiki because the mainland tourists would ignore it since its such a local tradition.

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