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Default Re: TV Series You NEED to Get on DVD

Originally Posted by Leo Lakio View Post
These days, when negotiating the rights to use music in a TV episode, it is standard procedure to include language that covers licensing for home-video release, be it tape, DVD, online, on-demand, etc. Just a bit more in the fees, part of the cost of doing business; it doesn't enter into the producer's or director's mind any more than it did before; it's the music supervisor who does the work, tracks the material, makes the recommendations, etc.
Your explanation sounded plausible,... until you mentioned the music supervisor. It may be the job of the supervisor to fit and edit the music into the TV show. But if a producer on a tight budget tells the music supervisor to make due with generic sounding surf music rather than using actual hit recordings from the likes of the Beach Boys or Jan & Dean, then the supervisor has to go along with that decision. Otherwise, where will the $$$$ come from?

And despite what you say about music fees costing "just a bit more," there are still some currently running TV series where a DVD release has been held up due to music licensing issues. One example is Heartbeat, the UK TV series which liberally utilizes 1960s songs. (Even the recent seasons have yet to appear on DVD.) Although it has been a long-running series, no one thinks that Heartbeat would ever come close to selling in the same numbers as The Simpsons or That '70s Show. If you ask me, it appears that DVD sales potential does play a role in whether "costly" original music is used on a home video release or not. And it holds true, whether we are talking about a show that is 40 years old or one that is still running.
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