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Lightbulb Hawaii Superferry - Chapter 9

Originally Posted by TuNnL View Post
Superferry “fans” seem to forget that if the company had followed environmental regulations in the first place, they wouldn’t be in this mess now. It’s only because they pressured the state to make a special exception for their ‘special’ company. For what? So they could test their JHSV (Joint High Speed Vessel) on unsuspecting Hawai‘i residents? Let’s dispense with the shibai here. The Superferry is a military prototype vessel designed to transport Striker Brigade vehicles. The Nation calls the people running Superferry a “mini-Pentagon.” The “inter-island” ferry service is just a sham designed to build up enough hours of use on the Superferry to prove that it is seaworthy enough for the feds to buy into it. Anyone who believes otherwise is ignorant and naïve.
Originally Posted by helen View Post
So what? It's not the first time transportation systems have a civilian and miltary version.
No kidding! The point wasn’t precedence, it was the fact that Superferry officials to this day have refused to make this fact public! Duh.

Originally Posted by helen View Post
Granted someone, somewhere down the road screwed up in not initially doing the EIS, yes they should have, since they had time to do it from the moment they wanted to do the project to the time when the vessel actually arrived in Hawaii.
You say that like it was an accident or oversight. Clearly, if you have been keeping up with the news, you would know this was a deliberate action born of concession by the Lingle Administration.

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