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Default Re: Ban New Years fireworks?

The whole illegal aerial things will still be there if there is buyers, there will be sellers. supply and demand basically.

if people want to know how aerials are brought into the state, easy. The guys that bring em in are the people whit pyro technician license. They can buy these aerials since they are licensed to do shows etc. When you bring them in, you need a space that as adequate storage which they have. basically, pryo guy tells vendor, i am doing NYE show, i need alot of aeerials. So then vendor sells to license pyro guy, pyro guy then has his group of sellers that makes these lists and sells them on the black market.

probally the people on your block with the most illegal fireworks will most likely be HPD or hpd related along with people that have access to these fireworks lists.. I herd of a few HPD going in and meeting up the sellers and buying illegal fireworks in uniform for personal use.

They should honestly band those foundtains and morning glorys, those are the WORST ever. Smoke Makers we call them.
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