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Default Re: Ban New Years fireworks?

Originally Posted by tutusue View Post
Ryan (and Mrs. Ryan!) shouldn't be forced from their home in order to protect the health of their children. They may not resent having to do that but I resent it for them! As I mentioned in an earlier post, I don't mind the NYE fireworks but I really don't feel people should be forced into a position of spending a fair chunk of change (which so many can't afford) to travel to protect their health. That said...I have no answers to the fireworks situation and I do know the PZ family enjoys their time on the BI.
I agree. Why should anybody be driven out of their home because their neighbor has no consideration for their neighbors?

My next door neighbor moved in (related to high police official) and the first New Years they set of some massive explosions. The charge that launched the bomb was louder than any other fireworks in the area. The bomb itself rattled windows all over the neighbor hood.

My wife spent that time in bed with the pillows over her head crying because of the noise.

Talk to them? They were so drunk I donít think I could have said anything to make them stop. Also I was a little afraid they might become violent.

Call the police? What officer is going to do anything about the bosses relatives?

Fortunately the main guy behind that moved out, but the other family members continue with smaller but still illegal fireworks. Still a nuisance but a little more tolerable.

My solution Ö When you buy fire works you donít get to take them home. They are held at a secure location. You then go to the designated park where you are given your fireworks only when it is legal to shoot them off. You must burn them at the park and if any are left afterwards you lose them.

Burning fire works anyplace other than the designated parks would be illegal and it would also be easier to police.

If that does not work then ban them altogether.
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