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Default Re: HawaiiThreads Upgrade

My pleasure, MM. Upgrades make life easier for administrators and moderators, but hopefully add a few nice touches for all 'ohana members as well. A couple that you've probably already noticed:


You can now quote several messages in a thread in one reply. Just click the "Multi-Quote" button to toggle which messages you want to include, and when you hit the "Post Reply" button at the end, you'll get a reply set up with all the individual messages included. Hopefully this will cut down on people posting six consecutive replies in an attempt to respond to six different posts. However, as always, quote with care. Please quote only relevant portions of posts and not entire posts, and please watch your quote and /quote tags. Deleting either will break your quote. Want to experiment? Here's a good thread to practice in.

In-Line Editing:

Depending on your browser, when you choose to edit a recent post, you'll now be able to edit it right in the message window, rather than being taken to a separate message editing screen. Not a groundbreaking feature, but a nice touch, showing the developers' growing comfort with AJAX. Most of the AJAX goodies are saved for administrators and moderators, but I suspect you'll find other enhancements here and there -- one-click "Mark Forum as Read," instant thread ratings, quick buddy/ignore list editing, and the like.

Improved Searching:

Now you can choose whether to show search results as threads or individual posts with the main "Search" dialog. You can also search within a subforum, say, Islands Ahoy, and even choose which individual threads in which to search. See the new right-hand column in the subforum view for the checkboxes.

There's more I've yet to explore, and no doubt you'll find other changes on your own. But ultimately, I hope you find our hale, our playground, just a little more fun to visit.
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