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I know, we really didn't need fo see dem dam tings, Kaneohegirl. Eeuuuuwwwww (shaking all ovah) me da heebeegeebeez. <LMAO>

Story from yesterday. Wife asked if I threw the plastic bag away. She usually picks up the dog poop and fallen fruit and tosses the bag over the fence in the driveway so I can put it in the trash. Anyways, I says, "Oh, you mean da one dat was undah my truck?" (about 8' from where she normally tosses it) I started laughing my ass off. I told her when I went to pick it up it "rolled" away from me. She had found another toad in the yard and she picked it up in the plastic bag. They still try to run when in the bag and it'll roll all over the place.

The wife has no sympathy for toads. We have dogs and the toads can be deadly to them. If you have the same, get rid of the toads. Sorry kinda OT, but it's yet another common critter here. This one being particularly dangerous to pets.
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