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Default Re: SUBWAY

Originally Posted by Pomai
My Subway fav' has always been the Seafood and Crab on Wheat with ALL the fixinz, bag o' Pretzels and Lemonade drink.

Speaking of skinny, what's the deal with people who order fast food mega-burger screw-the-arteries super-duper combo deluxes.. then drink a DIET SODA with it? Never figured that one out.

Helen can get by with that, after all she's eating a relatively HEALTHY meal, so it makes sense.

Hey, it's dinner soon. Once again this thread is makin' me hungry.

I'm one of those. I cannot tolerate a sugar soda. I would drink water first. I am a diet cola fan. I don't make a habit of eating a mega burger, but when I do you can bet it's with a diet soda on the rare occasion that I do. My justification? Well shoots, if I'm eating all this crap, the least I can do is wash it down with a sugar free beverage!
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