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Unhappy Re: 2018 Primary Election Day

Originally Posted by mel View Post
3. Worker did not ask me for I.D.
4. Got my ballot folder
5. Went to voting booth.
6. Discovered I had two ballots in folder.


Long story:
I'm not really commenting on mel's “short-hand” notes here. I read Mr. Ah Ching's full blog post which he provides a link for in the preceding HT post. I happen to know who he voted for — not because of his blog — but because of the energy he spent supporting a campaign I happened to have worked on personally.

Like mel, I noticed a huge difference in the way they structured the poll workers this year. I also noticed every worker thanking each other profusely for helping out.

There was indeed ONLY ONE precinct official who “checked me in” at the table with the ballots. I don’t recall signing the poll book, though I do remember the woman searching for my name before handing me a folder complete with a fresh ballot.

Even more disconcerting was the fact that there was no "receipt" attached to my ballot. I actually had to ask the worker assigned to the optical ballot scanning machine, “where's my stub?” The man proceeded to explain that they’ve “already boxed up all the receipts.” Did I still want a receipt? “Heck yes, I do!”

I realized later, as I was getting into my car, “there’s less than a 50/50 chance the number on this receipt matches up with the ballot I just cast.”

Things are not going in the right direction in terms of people getting involved in the political process. A poll worker is quoted in today's Honolulu Star-Advertiser as saying this was the “slowest (turnout) she can ever remember.” Exercise your rights as U.S. citizens and vote. I half expect that one day, there will be a “referendum question” that reads: “should term limits be abolished due to lack of interest and voter apathy among the electorate?” SMH.

Just another day in the nei.

We can’t be so fixated on our desire to preserve the rights of ordinary Americans.

— U.S. President Bill Clinton
USA TODAY, page 2A
11 March 1993
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