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Unhappy Re: Missile attack on Hawai‘i!

Originally Posted by cabanalane View Post
Can someone share their true feelings? It's not real, so some are joking about it, takes fine. But at that time, what were your thoughts?
At the time, I was sleeping. 8:07 a.m. on a Saturday?! Are you kidding? By the time I looked at my phone, the “false alarm message” had arrived. So obviously, my first thought was, “why do we always have idiots working in high places?” My next thought was, “take a photo.” Hence the first post in this thread. And finally, “what do I want for breakfast?” It was going to be a great day to watch live press conferences from Governor Ige on Facebook Live and see the reaction in the news and on social media.

Hawaii Governor Holds Press Conference on False Missile Alarm

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