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Unhappy Re: Missile attack on Hawai‘i!

So let’s recap what we know (or what Gov. David Ige and Hawai‘i Emergency Management Agency [Hi-EMA] administrator Vern T. Miyagi expects us to believe):
  • A Hi-EMA worker pressed the wrong button
  • Hi-EMA needed permission from FEMA to cancel the false alarm
  • There was no ‘cancellation process’ and one had to be created
  • it took 38 minutes to receive approval and execute the cancellation
  • In the mean time, Gov. Ige sent a tweet and Facebook post to let us know
  • Somehow, U.S. Rep. Tulsi Gabbard announced the ‘false alarm’ BEFORE Ige or Hi-EMA were able to
  • The anonymous worker who made a boo-boo will remain anonymous and has been re-assigned
  • Everything is fine now


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