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Default Re: Visiting all of the 50 states

Originally Posted by matapule View Post
What did you like about those States and what didn't you like about the others?

California has been my life long "home State", but I know several elderly life long residents who are packing up and moving to Nevada and Arizona . Too many "libruls", Mesicans, taxes, Athiests, gun rules for them.

Where I live in SoCal today (2500' elev.) - temps in the low 80's with no humidity, bright blue skies with no smog, San Diego, Palm Springs, Hollywood, high Alpine forests, SoCal beaches all within a two hour or less drive from my front door. Just got back from my morning one hour walk in the adjacent nature preserve wetlands - cottontails, bobcats, skunks, racoons, deer, hawks, eagles, sweet smell of decaying vegetation. I think I'll stay put for the time being.
I've always wanted to live in California I think I fit in best with all that you described! As for Arizona, been there done that for 13 years in both Phoenix and Flagstaff, Nevada is about the same weather wise. Reno and Flagstaff same weather and Las Vegas/Phoenix the same.

South Dakota I would like to visit again to see the places I enjoyed, i.e. Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse, etc. and perhaps explore other parts of the state I havent seen yet. Would not want to live there, especially with their brutal weathers.

Texas is amongst the ugliest states I've ever been to. Flat and brown for most of it and when its mountainous in some areas like El Paso it looks like any other place of its kind. Blah!! While I enjoy a Texas BBQ like others, I just dont see the love for Texas as others do.
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