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Default Re: Nuclear energy - safe?

San Onofre is conveniently located between San Diego & LA and near an earthquake fault. Probably nothing will happen. But if it does, a 50 mile exclusion zone like that now around the Fukushima plant would displace (I am estimating here) about 4-5 million people and neutralize the value of countless billions of dollars worth of real estate which banks would have to write off at incredible expense to the American economy. Several plants are located in the center of the country near the New Madrid fault, which produced a series of 8 range quakes at the start of the 19th century. How would the loss of St. Louis effect the country? So play it safe. Phase it out. We know New Madrid will crack again, we know a quake near San Onofre or Diablo Canyon will happen. It Will Happen. Whats going on in Japan is a monumental total tragedy, it is the clearest possible warning there could ever be. Find alternatives. We have talked about some.
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