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Default Re: Nuclear energy - safe?

I won't talk about the safety issues, because I don't know much about them, but here are some things to think about regarding the economic damage potential:

"I'm worried in the long term about Japan's economy," said Yoshiko Konno, in her 60s, as she charged her cellphone at a community center in Sendai. "Just think of one example — oysters! Are Americans and Europeans going to want to import Japanese oysters if they think there is a danger of radioactive contamination?"
With petroleum not being a sustainable source of highly concentrated power, it's difficult to say what can take its place. Solar and wind don't seem to come even close to nuclear (unless some miracle technological break-through happens...before we "run out" of petroleum to fuel the research).

I'm thinking we're heading towards an "extreme lifestyle change". Maybe mythical stories of race cars and airplanes will be told to children in the distant future.
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