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Default Re: Nuclear energy - safe?

The reason why there's a huge bandwagon against nuclear power is because very few people know how it works, and how it safeguards itself. In over 60 years of operation, there are TWO human errors (TMI and Chernobyl) and ONE natural disaster (Japan). Never mind the hundreds of nuclear powered ships and subs, hundreds of civilian power plants across the globe, and the billions of safe full-power-hours of operation... because no one seems to care about that.

But in the recent years, we've had dozens of other accidents: Coal mine collapses, oil rig explosions, oil spills, natural gas line explosions... all of which are accepted as normal processes in their industry.

Russia aside (because their government and practices have been naturally shady for decades), the total death toll from radiation at TMI and at this point Japan = 0. If we want to bring up radiation health statistics, then we might as well bring up black lung, meso, oil vapor, and other health statistics comparable to their industries as well.

Nuclear power is not the same as nuclear warheads. They're not even the same elements or isotopes.

But if we want alternative energy, then I propose dotting the entire Hawaii landscape with wind turbines and solar panels. Yeah, that'll make this place look pretty.
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