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Thumbs down Re: American Savings Bank Sucks

I've been a customer of, then critic of, just about every bank in Honolulu. I've never felt happier to leave a bank than American Savings Bank. On almost every level, they were a hindrance and barrier to me. Indifference I can handle, poor service is rampant. What I felt at ASB was hostility.

I hear from people every month who are moving or thinking of relocating to Hawaii, and I tell them to put ASB on their blacklist. And this coming from a guy who has actually flown Go! airlines.

My mom has worked for a local bank for nearly 40 years. I'd been an advocate for banks most of my life (as past threads here will probably demonstrate). But ASB was the straw that broke the camel's back. I moved to credit unions and to mainland-based, online-only USAA, and have never looked back.
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