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Default Re: Jack In The Box Introduces Self Service Kiosks?

Originally Posted by Amati View Post
Sorry, I was not clear in my posting. When I asked about limited reading ability, I was speaking about the customers. What happens to customers who have limited reading ability, or sight? Is there a "live person" for backup to help people who are not wanting to use a machine?
Pushing the public into the computer age is just fine, if you do not mind losing customers in the process.
[Did you know that over 155 thousand adults in Hawaii are functionaly illiterate?]
Thirty years ago, people were skeptical about bank ATMs for the same reasons you give. And look at where we are today. Everybody uses ATMs now. Young, old. College grad, high school dropout.

It's not a matter of "if" fast-food eateries will use self-service kiosk technology, but "when."
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