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Default Re: Hawaii's Economy - Tuff Days Ahead?

Originally Posted by craigwatanabe View Post
I think if mortgage companies could give homeowners a one month reprieve, things would get better much sooner than later. IF you had a $2,000/month mortgage and was allowed to use that to pay down higher interest credit cards and necessities such as food and utilities people could get back on their financial tracks again. I mean what's one month over a 30-year mortgage? But to get to use an extra $2,000 for one month to get back on track could really help. Yes it would result in a higher interest overall, but in 30-years I would hope interest rates should drop to the point where one could refinance to a lower monthly interest rate to compensate.
um, does rush limbaugh know you have this opinion? he'd excommunicate you from his faithful sheep for saying this!

Originally Posted by MixedPlateBroker View Post
I think the economy will get worse before it gets better. It probably won't get anywhere near as bad as it did during the Reagan-era recession though (well, with the possible exception of the budget deficit).

Some of the small changes we've made to our routines to help navigate through these uncertain times:
  • Grind and brew our morning coffee ourselves
  • Adjust our work schedules so we always carpool
  • Fill up the daily driver at Costco only before 8 a.m. or after 8 p.m.
  • Buy produce from open and farmers' markets as much as possible
  • Virtually eliminate plate lunches from our diets
Some quick calculations show that these small changes are saving us at least $418/month (conservative estimate using three-month-old gas prices). Not too shabby, if Idssm.
to add to eric's list:

i don't get my nails done at the salon anymore. i do them myself at home. savings per month: $70

i've cut back on makeup purchases. i used to spoil myself each month with additions to my makeup/fragrance collection. savings per month: between $30-$100

i've also cut back on our sartorial purchases. savings per month: $100

have to say it's not merely the state of the economy that has caused these changes in how we spend. it's part of our ever-developing five year plan.
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