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Originally Posted by tutusue View Post
Yummm...I wanna try this but I'm one of those unimaginative cooks who needs amounts. How much uncooked brown rice are you talkin' about?
When you cook for yourself or for others, use the same amount that you normally use. I usually make enough for a ten-cup rice cooker (typical size)

If you like a lot of clams use two cans, if you like less, use one can. I like to use two cans of clams.

You can also use white rice, I just add more shoyu to flavor the rice. The secret to this dish is the baby clams and the oil it's packed in. You can add anything to this dish as the rice cooker steams everything. Once in a while I use soybeans. But you can add anything you want. Mine is just a simple one that I concocted when I was simply bored.

BTW if anyone's in Hilo this weekend my cousin Jean Hee Watanabe will be at KTA Puinako from 10-2pm signing her cooking books. They're the ones you see on the racks at Longs, Borders etc with the collated binding and lots of local recipes for main dishes and desserts. Don't read the preface though, she loves to talk about da family in da past in Hilo back in da 60's.
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