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Default Re: mass transit renderings

Originally Posted by LikaNui
They're saying it'll cost three billion dollars just to do Kapolei to Honolulu.

We need to stop this insanity. Instead, spend the money on infrastructure like, oh, you know, maybe sewer lines?! And repair the schools that are falling apart.
Ya think?

Don't make me think...Today was a dangerous example when you give someone the opportunity to exercise his noggin.

But since you asked Three BILLION dollars (picks teeth with pinky) man that's a lot of transit taxes for you folks on Oahu. Someone should do a survey and see just how many people that segment will accomodate and divide it into the three BILLION (pinky still in teeth) dollars and see if it's viable enough. Something tells me that for the amount per person this rail will be handling, you could probably buy each one of those potential riders a new car and let them drive themselves to work cheaper.
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