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Default Re: Oahu power outage for 12/26/08 to 12/27/08

Originally Posted by Kaonohi View Post
Power out 6:15pm, 26th, back on 12:45pm, 27th - ahuimanu Valley.
Power out 6:45pm 12.26.08 in Waikiki; back on 7am 12.27.08 same place. Very quiet for the most part, except for one drunk yelling "whoooooo.... whoooooooooo.... whooooooooooooo"... then eventually a bunch of folks yelling back, "shut up!". To which he obliged. lol

We went to the Koreamoku Walmart that Saturday morning to stock back up on some emergency preparednesss supplies, when it appeared EVERYONE ELSE had the same thing in mind, as the Coleman/Camping aisle in the back right corner of the store (by the toys) was PACKED with post-blackout shoppers; an area normally abandoned. They should have had news crews there. Would have made great 6pm broadcast material.

By the time we got there, most of the flashlights were wiped out. Still had plenty batteries though.

They have some HUGE plastic water storage containers I might consider getting a few of.

At around 10am when we originally wanted to shop there, as of yet the Kaheka street Don Quijote was still without power. By 2pm they were back.

In case you don't have one already, Don Quijote sells the Portable Butane Stove for just $13.99 and $1.17 for each butane canister. This in comparison to Walmart who sells another brand of the same thing for $24.99. Perhaps better quality, yet hard to say when you're talkin' Walmart.
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