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Default Re: Light rail/ Busway in Honolulu?

Originally Posted by kimo55
so the message is:
go ahead and overdevelop. everyone, look forward to overdevelopment. resign ourselves to the fate. Do not rant and protest about it. do not look for other solutions. do not work against the blind destruction, overpopulation and overdevelopment and rampant greed stimulating the destruction of our lands. This is what they do in other lands and on the mainland, so let's follow suit. Look at other big cities. We can be just like them.
Not necessarily. Even in Hong Kong, development generally stays off the mountains. This sort of thing works best in places with natural growth boundaries (NOT like Portland, Oregon, which is a wannabe at this game and keeps coming under pressure to expand its artificial "growth boundaries"). Manhattan has its Central Park; New Jersey has its farms (and a protective lobby eager to keep the farmlands farmlands). The point is not to overdevelop EVERYTHING. If growth happens, it ought to be channeled. The trouble with this is obvious: it would mean much of the Oahu coast could wind up looking like Waikiki. On the plus side, much of the interior and the highlands might stay green and pleasant... (shrugs)
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