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Default Re: Hawaii's Best Hamburger? Where?

Originally Posted by pzarquon
The last time I tried to order a burger the way I like it, Big City Diner required me to sign a waiver. It was tasty, but the whole legal liability thing was a downer.

Yeah, I know, in this day and age, they're stuck between a rock and a hard place, and you're told just about everywhere that your only options are "medium well and above." But I'm beginning to think that a "best burger" joint would probably someday have to be a hole in the wall that isn't afraid of a little pink meat.

I don't mind a little pink - its when its soooooo juicy that the bun gets wet, thats what I don't like. Same reason for no tomatoes - the bun gets all wet, then I have to throw it out & I'm wasting my $8. IMHO - the very best burger is the one I cook at home!

(reason for edit: too many exclamation points )
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