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E Kala Mai!

Due to nasty bots, spammers, trolls, and other nefarious forces that are probably not your fault, registration on HawaiiThreads.com is handled on a case-by-case, personally verified basis.

We're a close-knit, cozy and colorful community and totally worth hanging out with, but we understand if this is too high a hurdle for something as old-school as a message board.

If you'd still like to join HawaiiThreads, the quickest way is to show us a verifiable history of good online citizenship. And the easiest way to do this is to connect with HawaiiThreads manager Ryan Ozawa on one or more established social networks (with an account, of course, that's more than a few weeks old and has other real contacts).

Here are links to Ryan on various services: Most likely, this means sharing your real name. But don't worry. You won't have to use your name on the site.

After sending a connection request, send a follow-up email to kokua@hawaiithreads.com, and if possible, include a short bio. Who are you? What do you do? What do you love about Hawaii?

If you make it this far, we'll do our best to set you up with an account. Either way, we really appreciate your interest in HawaiiThreads!

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